[strongSwan] Minimum achievable MTU with eth0 and IPsec ?

Mariano Lazzaro marianolazzaro at gmail.com
Sat May 4 14:32:13 CEST 2013

Hi all, I've searched the Wiki over this and couldn't find anything 
other than the tfc=%mtu (in the conn section) and the fragmentation=yes 
(I think). I already tested those 2 options on server and client with no 
success. I tried tfc=1400 and tfc=%mtu, having the interface MTU 
previously set to 1400, but it doesn't work when changed.

My version of sSwan is 5.0.2.

What I already tested is this, lowered the interface MTU of the server 
side to 1400, then strongswan connects OK (IKEv2) with the client having 
the interface MTU of 1500.

When I tried another value of the client side interface MTU, the first 
part of the IPsec auth was OK, but the second part stalls, resending 
packets (it said it was sending packets of ~1990 bytes). That's odd (at 
least for me), because I know my DSL modem has MTU of 1492, my eth0 was 
at 1500 working OK, then my eth0 with MTU of 1400 or 1492 CAN'T CONNECT.

I really don't understand why that happens, it shouldn't make any 
difference if I set my eth0 to 1500 or 1492 since the modem will do that 
later, chopping every packet to 1492 bytes, and fragmenting the ones 
that were larger.

The second thing I don't understand is why the 1990 byte packets for the 
second part of ipsec auth?  WHY THE LARGE PACKETS?
And if they're so large, they're supposed to be fragmented, because 
obviously then can't fit in a 1500 byte packet, or a 1492 one (it 
doesn't matter), the thing is that if those 1990 byte packets are 
somehow fragmented by the IP sender, that would mean 2 packets of 
MTU=1500, one full packet and the other with the other 400 remaining 
bytes.  And if the sender's MTU were 500 it should be fragmenting into 4 
packets to accomplish sending the one 1990 or 1996 bytes IKEv2 auth packet.

I hope I was clear enough.  I hope someone can help me understand what 
happens with strongSwan and MTU and fragmentation, I consider this 
rather important (I wish I could change the MTU as low as possible, I 
think I NEED to do that for other networking purposes, but the IPsec is 
locking me to 1500 bytes MTU).

Besides all this questions I have, maybe you could just answer which is 
the minimum MTU so IPsec can work, and the second question would be 
"does strongSwan really need to have ALWAYS a 1500 byte MTU on the 

Thanks for your help, see you!
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