[strongSwan] Checking strongswan udp/isakmp port 500 with icinga check_upd plugin

Dmitry Korzhevin dmitry.korzhevin at stidia.com
Thu May 2 22:57:36 CEST 2013


I wish monitor strongswan with icinga and try to use check_udp plugin to 
check port 500/4500 state, but plugin needs send string and expect some 
string from strongswan server..


check_udp -H host -p port [-w <warning time>] [-c <critical time>] [-s 
<send string>] [-e <expect string>]

Can you please advice, which string can i send to strongswan to monitor 
port state?

Best Regards,

System Administrator
STIDIA S.A. - Luxembourg

e: dmitry.korzhevin at stidia.com
m: +38 093 874 5453
w: http://www.stidia.com

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