[strongSwan] Query regardig multiple SA for the same "traffic selectors"

Patil, Shashidhar 1. (NSN - IN/Bangalore) shashidhar.1.patil at nsn.com
Fri Mar 22 10:01:14 CET 2013


Following is the excerpt from the RFC-4301 (section 4.1) which suggests to support multiple SA between a given sender & receiver with same "traffic selectors".
How to configure such connections(policies) in the ipsec.conf file ?

"a sender SHOULD put traffic of different classes, but with the same selector values,
on different SAs to support Quality of Service (QoS) appropriately.
To permit this, the IPsec implementation MUST permit establishment
and maintenance of multiple SAs between a given sender and receiver,
with the same selectors.


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