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Am Freitag, 15. März 2013, 18:13:04 schrieb Chris Arnold:
> Trying to get multiple iOS devices connected to strongSwan 4.4.0 on SLES11.
> When trying from iPhone 5 with iOS6, i get vpn did not respond. Nothing
> appears in the charon logs either. I have verified the strongSwan public ip
> is correct. Here is my iOS section of ipsec.conf:
> conn iOS
> 	keyexchange=ikev1
> 	authby=xauthpsk
> 	xauth=server
> 	left=%defaultroute
> 	leftsubnet=
> 	right=%any
> 	rightsourceip=
> 	pfs=no
> 	auto=add
> ipsec.secrets:
> : PSK "my psk"
> I am following this advise:
> http://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/strongswan/wiki/IOS_%28Apple%29
> Can someone help with this?

I have the same problem, and upgraded to strongswan 5.0.2 because of that, but 
it didn't help either. My thread is "wiki article iOS". Let's see if we can 
solve that.

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