[strongSwan] Windows 7 VPN without Virtual IP?

Mark M mark076h at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 05:05:28 CET 2013


Is it possible to use the Windows 7 VPN client without using a virtual IP? I would like to use the same local IP address for the client and not use a virtual ip. What I want to do is have the strongSwan gateway route IP's that are on the same local subnet, so if i ping from which are the local IP addresses, there will be a an IPsec between those two nodes without having to use a virtual ip. Right now if I ping the local ip address they do not go over the tunnel, my only encrypted traffic is the virtual ip and subnets not on the local subnet.

Another way to do this is with using the virtual ip, but have the local ip address go over the tunnel to the strongSwan gateway.

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