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victor at designet.com.ua victor at designet.com.ua
Tue Mar 5 21:31:16 CET 2013

Hello everybody.


Please help me to understand the strongswan.


In production I have Debian with openswan but now I'm going to use
strongswan, maybe with FreeBSD or Debian/Ubuntu for a high usage VPN Server.


There will be about 50 Site-to-Site IPsec Tunnels with our customers, using
esp-aes256 esp-sha-hmac for phase 2.

I have 1Gbit/s speed for 50 customers to reach our resources within VPN


Maybe you have already had some results of its performance.


I'm interested in the following:

How many IPsec VPN tunnels can strongswan handle?

What maximum speed rate can it handle in one tunnel or in all 50 tunnels for
example under Linux/FreeBSD?


I have modern Supermicro server with Xeon 3.0GHz and 4 Gig RAM




Best regards



Certified Network Engineer

Company "DESIGNET"


victor at designet.com.ua


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