[strongSwan] Strongswan packages selection

Naveen Neelakanta nbnopenswan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 20:19:14 CEST 2013

I am new to strongswan, I have been able to successfully  establish tunnel
between to linux PC . How ever i want to reduce the size of the strongswan
and hence i have used the below compilation options .

"       --disable-curl --disable-soup --disable-ldap \
        --enable-gmp --disable-mysql --disable-sqlite \
        --enable-openssl --enable-curl=no --enable-unbound=no  --enable-
  soup=no --enable-ldap=no --enable-blowfish=no --disable-rc2
 --disable-fips-prf --disable-gmp \
--enable-rdrand=no --disable-nonce --disable-x509 --disable-revocation
--disable-constraints --disable-pubkey --disable-pkcs1 \
--disable-pkcs7 --disable-pkcs8 --disable-pkcs12   --disable-pgp
--disable-sshkey  --disable-dnskey --disable-pem --enable-test-vectors=no \
--enable-mysql=no --enable-sqlite=no --disable-stroke --enable-medsrv=no
--enable-medcli=no --enable-sql=no --enable-leak-detective=no \
--enable-shared  --enable-static=no
I got it compiled but when i run the below command
#ipsec start
/usr/sbin/ipsec: exec: line 326: /usr/libexec/ipsec/starter: not found

Can you please let me know is the above configuartion that i have used is
good for my below requirement.
I want to just make use of openssl has crypto library and IKEV2 client only
i am using linux kernel for ipsec functionality with xfrm and netlink
built in kernel.

Appreciate your response.

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