[strongSwan] overlapping redundant subnets

Patrick Hemmer strongswan at stormcloud9.net
Mon Apr 8 15:21:29 CEST 2013

The reauth=no seems to have solved the issue. I thought I had tried
this, but thinking back on it, I think I screwed up the test.

However listing all the subnets in a single CHILD_SA did not create a
mesh network between the 2 gateways. I'm assuming it would work fine if
none of the subnets overlap, but since mine are overlapping it seems to
just choose the subnet with the largest mask.

Thanks :-)


On 2013/03/04 05:09, Martin Willi wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
>> So I want to have each box provide it's own subnet, and then a larger
>> subnet which encompasses the other IPsec gateway. This way traffic
>> will take the shortest route to each remote subnet, but if an IPsec
>> gateway goes down, the traffic will route through the remaining
>> gateway.
> So this means that on a box you have two tunnels with an identical IPsec
> policy? If yes: Please be aware that the Linux kernel can't handle
> identical policies (how should it pick the correct one?). Therefore
> strongSwan uses some refcounting logic to install only one of them, but
> this means that only one of the tunnels can be used actively.
> If you need two identical tunnels with a failover mechanism, you'll have
> to assign Netfilter marks to the connections. This allows strongSwan to
> install identical policies (with different marks) in the kernel. Your
> packets then have to be tagged with the correct mark before they hit
> IPsec policy lookup. strongSwan currently does not provide such a
> mechanism, so you'll have to create and update these rules yourselves.
>> However I am occasionally experiencing issues where when the main IKE SA
>> reauthenticates, the tunnel sometimes goes dead until the child SA
>> reauthenticates.
> The reauthentication behavior of strongSwan shows interruptions of
> traffic flow, and there is not much you can do about it. Do you really
> have a need for reauthentication from a security perspective? Probably
> not if you have the preshared key in ipsec.secrets. I'd try to switch to
> IKE_SA rekeying by using reauth=no, which can solve a lot of problems.
>> I've played with a ton of different ways of configuring this, but a
>> separate "conn" section for each tunnel seems to be the only way which
>> it works. Trying things like putting all the subnets in a single "conn"
>> using a comma-delimited "left/rightsubnet" ends up creating a single
>> tunnel to the /16 subnet.
> Having all subnets in a single CHILD_SA creates a full mesh between all
> sunbets in leftsubnet and rightsubnet. If you have separate conn
> sections, you'll get different CHILD_SAs, and of course no full mesh
> between them.
>> I've also tried setting 'reuse_ikesa = no', which results in the same
>> behavior.
> This just means that each CHILD_SA initiated to a peer will use its own
> Regards
> Martin

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