[strongSwan] How can I connection strongswan server with vpnc client?

Chopin Ngo consatan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 12:01:55 CEST 2013

Hi all,
My strongswan 5.0.2 installed in Debian 6 x64, I can connection it with iOS
client and Windows 7 client.
I create a conn section with PSK auth

conn vpnc
        keyexchange = ike
        auto = add
        authby = psk
        left = %defaultroute
        leftsubnet =
        right = %any
        rightsourceip =
        rightauth = psk

When I connection with VPNC 0.5.3 client, it respone error "response was
And strongswan server log

Apr  2 17:45:52 vpn charon: 15[IKE] is initiating a
Aggressive Mode IKE_SA
Apr  2 17:45:52 vpn charon: 15[IKE] Aggressive Mode PSK disabled for
security reasons
Apr  2 17:45:52 vpn charon: 15[ENC] generating INFORMATIONAL_V1 request
505813678 [ N(AUTH_FAILED) ]

I want use vpnc on tomatousb firmware with my Asus RT-N16.
I had installed strongswan 5.0.2 packages with entware on my RT-N16, but it
cannot running.(miss some kernel modules)
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