[strongSwan] need closeaction for IKEv1

Neeraj Sharma kaju09 at live.in
Wed Sep 26 14:22:20 CEST 2012

I require closeaction functionality on IKEv1 as it exists **only** on IKEv2 and I am stuck with IKEv1 at present. I had a brief discussion over freenode around this subject and supposedly there are some challenges. At present its irritating for me to ensure (either manually or via script) to ensure that the server didnt close the connection (probably due to load, inactivity, etc) instead of StrongSwan automatically connecting via the closeaction (as it probably happens in IKEv2). It'll be great if anyone can give some pointers regarding the port for IKEv1 in addition to the technical challenges (or some constraints) on the protocol side. Thanks,Neeraj 		 	   		  
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