[strongSwan] Split tunneling with Strongswan 5.x

Peter van Liesdonk pvl at compumatica.eu
Thu Nov 15 08:55:25 CET 2012

You are correct, "rightsubnet" serves this purpose.
Unfortunately IOS devices ignore this setting and route everything over
the VPN anyway.
They only support split-tunneling via the Unity extension.

This is fixed by enabling the 'Unity' plugin available from 5.0.1
With that plugin enabled the rightsubnet directive works as intended.


On 14/11/12 17:58, kgardenia42 wrote:
> Hi,
> If I wanted to *only* tunnel traffic destined for (say)
> but wanted the (IOS based, IKEv1) clients to send everything else
> direct (not via the VPN tunnel).  (I believe this is called
> split-tunneling but maybe that is not correct).
> It seems that the mechanics of that should be to push out a route to
> the client which it should tunnel data destined for.  I have read the
> manual and am wondering if "rightsubnet" serves this purpose?
> Currently I have this set to for my config.
> Am I on the right track with rightsubnet or otherwise how should i go
> about this?  I just need some rough pointers.  Or do I need a plugin
> for this?
> Thanks,
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