[strongSwan] Why charon is listening on udp 68 ?

bibop554 bibop554 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:15:29 CET 2012

Well, i didn't do anything. This is the default behaviour of strongswan in
debian 6.0.6.
Thanks for the dhcp plugin hint. There is indeed a dhcp plugin, but it uses
a UDP socket
(see dhcp_socket_create() in ./src/libcharon/plugins/dhcp/dhcp_socket.c)

I specified the list of plugins to load in /etc/strongswan.conf, basically
the default list except
"dhcp", then restart charon and it was no more using udp/68.

Is it normal that charon is loading dhcp plugin by default ?
Is there any drawbacks to specify the list of plugins explicitly ?
http://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/1/wiki/PluginLoad says it is not
but is there any other way to prevent charon to listening on udp/68 ?
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