[strongSwan] unity_split_include prevents VPN from connecting.

Michael Gorbach michael at mgorbach.name
Fri Mar 9 19:00:15 CET 2012

I've got this working as follows:

- Removed the UNITU_SPLIT_INCLUDE attribute from the SQL DB.
- In StrongSwan.conf:

pluto {
        plugins {
                attr {
                        dns =
                        28675 = mgorbach.home
                        28676 =

The 28676 and 28675 are the the SPIT_INCLUDE and DOMAIN attributes.makes a 
- Switched strongSwan to running as root, though I don't know if that made a difference.

~ M.

On Mar 7, 2012, at 11:13 PM, Michael Gorbach wrote:

> (Don't know if this email will get threaded correctly. I can't reply to the original email, since I just joined the list when i saw this thread) …
> I'm seeing the same problem, also with the iOS Cisco Client. Interestingly, its happening even though the pool isn't actually set (yet) for that strongSwann connection. The presence of a pool is fine, but the presence of a pool with this UNITY_SPLIT_INCLUDE attribute set appears to cause the connection to fail with the following:
> "ansible-threshold-pki"[2] <client IP>:3047 #1: cannot respond to IPsec SA request because no connection is known for[C=US, O=AnsibleThreshold strongSwan, CN=<server ip>]...[C=US, O=AnsibleThreshold strongSwan, CN=<My iPhone>]===
> Some help would be very much appreciated,
> ~ Michael Gorbach

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