[strongSwan] using gcm for ike on Android

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Thu Mar 1 16:48:52 CET 2012

Hi Bill,

> I’ve modified the Strongswan-4.6.1/Android.mk to include gcm in the
> strongswan_CHARON_PLUGINS list and
> I’ve also added
> LOCAL_SRC_FILES += $(call add_plugin, gcm )
> To the libstrongswan/Android.mk file.

Looks fine so far.  A problem could be that the list of plugins to load
is a compile-time constant.  So if you don't do a make clean first the
list of plugins used by the daemon is not updated (an alternative would
be to use a load statement in strongswan.conf).  Use the following to
avoid having to rebuild the whole tree:

	make clean-libcharon


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