[strongSwan] Where's the ipsecX eth devices?

Ricky Huang rhhuang at soe.ucsd.edu
Thu Jun 21 10:50:25 CEST 2012


Newbie question: I've played with other VPN solution, in particular a SSL-based one, and when I bring those up, a tunnel device, e.g., tunl0, gets brought up and I communicate with the other end point of the tunnel by sending my traffic into the tunnel-device.  When I bring up StrongSwan, I don't see such tunnel devices.

There's a reference here http://www.astaro.org/astaro-gateway-products/vpn-site-site-remote-access/24911-site-site-strongswan-x-509-cert-issue-2.html#post105479 saying that
> ipsec devices are no more in > 2.6.16

Is that true?

Then does StrongSwan route packets based purely on iptable/route rules?

Thanks for your time!

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