[strongSwan] Acquiring a DNS server address through config payload

Pisano, Stephen G (Stephen) Stephen.Pisano at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Jun 20 18:52:39 CEST 2012

Hi Martin:


A few follow-ups:

Is there a way, via configuration, to prevent strongSwan from updating the DNS configuration as a result of the configuration payload exchange?

The custom "attribute handlers" look interesting/useful.  Is there any documentation or sample code on it?



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>Hello Stephen,
>> so I wonder how these configurations interact (i.e., ;
>> --with-resolve-conf configure directive; vs.
>> 'charon.plugins.resolve.file')?
>The "resolve" plugin can handle DNS server installation. Starting with
>4.6.3, it will use resolvconf (8), if available. Otherwise it will
>directly modify resolv.conf (5). The default file to modify is
>${sysconfdir}/resolv.conf, but this default can be changed using the
>--with-resolv-conf option. The strongswan.conf
>charon.plugins.resolve.file overrides any default option.
>> Also,  rather than have the have strongSwan modify the resolv.conf
>> file, it would be desireable to have a notification of the returned
>> DSN server address via up/down script, and the conveyance of the
>> address via a variable (just as PLUTO_MY_SOURCEIP is set in the
>> virtual IP case).  Is such a behavior currently supported?
>The updown script currently does not know DNS server information.
>Registering custom "attribute handlers" is possible, though, using the
>attribute_handler_t interface [1].

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