[strongSwan] Multiple certificate authentication

Keeler, Matthew J. Matthew.Keeler at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jul 19 18:58:38 CEST 2012

I have a strongswan client connecting to a strongswan server. The server has the right authentication method set to be eap-radius.
The clients configuration has the rightcert value set to be the certificate of the strongswan server and the leftauth set to eap-ttls. The client/server connection validates the certificate and the server then starts the eap authentication with the radius server. At this point the client complains that the server certificate does not match. I am assuming that it Is talking about the certificate of the radius server (which is in fact different from the strongswan server cert).

How can I get around this and get the certificate validation working for the strongswan server and the radius server?

Matt Keeler
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