[strongSwan] Windows 7 client problem

Артем Попов web.tyoma at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 22:21:15 CEST 2012



I'm trying to setup linux ipsec\l2tp server.

When Win7 client connects to server I have error in log:


vpn pluto[]: "doublenat"[4] IP:54189 #6: NAT-Traversal: received 2 NAT-OA.
using first, ignoring others

vpn pluto[]: "doublenat"[4] IP:54189 #6: responding to Quick Mode

vpn pluto[]: "doublenat"[4] IP:54189 #5: ignoring informational payload,

vpn pluto[]: "doublenat"[4] IP:54189 #5: received Delete SA payload:
deleting ISAKMP State #5


Same error appears with PSK and RSA auth.

Win7 client shows "error 789" immediately after Connect button pressed. 

Server is behind the NAT, ports 4500, 500 and 1701 are forwarded. I've tried
clients with public IP and behind NAT with same result.

Is it a bug #108, or I misconfigured something? Is there working example
where client and server are both NATed?


My ipsec.conf: http://paste.org.ru/?p6y9js


Best regards,

Artem Popov.



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