[strongSwan] strongSwan VPN Client on my Samsung Galaxy S III

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Dec 21 09:07:03 CET 2012


> pluto[3388]: |   ignoring IKEv2 packet
> charon: 13[IKE] deleting IKE_SA android[4] 

If you are using IKEv2 only, pluto is not required. Disabling it will
help you in debugging, man ipsec.conf for details how to do it.

> 12[IKE] received INTERNAL_ADDRESS_FAILURE notify, no CHILD_SA built

The client needs an internal IP address to use for this tunnel, but your
server does not offer one. Try to assign a virtual IP using the
rightsourceip ipsec.conf option on the gateway.


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