[strongSwan] VPN Going Down (EVENT_SA_EXPIRE)

Anupam Malhotra anupam.malhotra at u2opiamobile.com
Tue Dec 18 08:23:46 CET 2012

Hi All


I have a VPN connection which keeps going down after some time. We have to
take a restart every time the VPN goes down.


Below is the output on ipsec status (when connection is down):


ipsec status


000 "ussd1":
x.x/24; erouted; eroute owner: #40

000 "ussd1":   newest ISAKMP SA: #41; newest IPsec SA: #40;


000 #40: "ussd1" STATE_QUICK_I2 (sent QI2, IPsec SA established);
EVENT_SA_REPLACE in 1396s; newest IPSEC; eroute owner

000 #40: "ussd1" esp.bfbd81e4 at (0 bytes)
esp.c9bde68b at (0 bytes); tunnel

000 #39: "ussd1" STATE_MAIN_I4 (ISAKMP SA established); EVENT_SA_EXPIRE in

000 #41: "ussd1" STATE_MAIN_I4 (ISAKMP SA established); EVENT_SA_REPLACE in
2399s; newest ISAKMP


What is the relevance of EVENT_SA_EXPIRE? We see "EVENT_SA_EXPIRE in 553s"
in ipsec status output only when the connection goes down.


Please suggest.


Best Regards

Anupam Malhotra


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