[strongSwan] Some questions about HA plugin

Ali Masoudi masoudi1983 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 11:54:15 CET 2012


I was testing HA plugin in the past few days. I have some questions
and I would be so thankful if any of them were answered.

what is type of heartbeat packet? I mean when I use tcpdump, what
should I see? I asked this because I think in my test, heartbeats were
not sent. If the heartbeats were not sent, how can I find the problem?

I read this about HA plugin before in a thread in the mailing list:

"It supports Active/Active configurations, but each CHILD_SA is actually
Active/Passive. The active node might be different for each CHILD_SA,
resulting in a load sharing between the two nodes if you run more than a
single CHILD_SA.

You may also run on Active/Passive setup only by defining just a single

Is it really an active-active HA or it is just for load sharing? and
if the first part is correct, what happens if the link that heartbeats
are sent over it goes down? Which of the nodes is handling the

Sincerely yours

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