[strongSwan] need to find a host-host configuration for strongswan

ramakanth varala ramakanth.varala at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 17:07:18 CEST 2012

Hello all,

Iam new to strongswan, i am trying to run strongswan in my target
board and a RHEL6 machine connected to that .

My aim is to run the strongswan VPN server on my target board with a
host-host tunnel to my linux machine connected to that.

There are lot of missing blocks for me.

1) When ever i try to run the ipsec ( either in my target board or in
my linux machine) with some configurations like below


config setup

conn %default

%any %any : PSK "123456"

i see that it does not show any thing when i type ipsec status

2) i oftenly see my ipsec.conf getting autogenerated and wiped out my
confiugrations which ever i kept

3) Here my aim is to establish a simplist configuration to have VPN
tunnel between my target board and my LINUX machine. if any body can
sugget a simple configuration related to it , that would be really

iam running strongswan 4.6.1


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