[strongSwan] Different values for the option strictcrlpolicy

ABULIUS, MUGUR (MUGUR) mugur.abulius at alcatel-lucent.com
Fri Nov 18 14:43:29 CET 2011

We are running Charon with the strictcrlpolicy option. Because the option is part of the config setup section my understanding is that the same value of the option applies to all connections in ipsec.conf. However, our system has connections (IPsec tunnels) with several customers and they have different requirements. One of them wants for his connections the behavior as for "strictcrlpolicy=no", another one as for  "strictcrlpolicy=ifuri" and the third one as for "strictcrlpolicy=yes". There is any way to satisfay all three cases from the same strongSwan instance?
Thank you

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