[strongSwan] Strongswan on android gingerbread

Federico.Mancini at ffi.no Federico.Mancini at ffi.no
Tue Nov 15 13:11:35 CET 2011

I was successful with Froyo, haven't tried gingerbread. 


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<Federico.Mancini at ...> writes:

> YES! It was the algorithms! I finally got a tunnel!
> I have no idea which specific algorithm it was that was missing, I just
enabled a bunch of them, but most
> likely AES, which I guess
> is the de facto standard for symmetric cryptography rather than DES. 
> By the way, where do I see which algorithms are being negotiated?
> I could see them only after the connection succeeded by using ipsec statusall,
in the security association
> section, that was empty before when it failed.
> Thanks again for all your prompt and clear replies!
> Next I guess I will see if something can be done to make this work with IPv6
and with certificates rather than
> username and password. 
> So I am sorry, but you will probably hear a lot from me again :)
> Federico 
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> Emne: Re: [strongSwan] Strongswan on android gingerbread
> Hi Federico,
> > What else could it be? (just as a note I have note enabled anything
> > extra with the cryptographic API modules. )
> It could very well be a problem with the algorithms.  Which algorithms 
> are negotiated between the two hosts?  Did you configure anything 
> special on the responder?
> Regards,
> Tobias

Hi Federico and Tobias,
You have been successful to make the tunnel with froyo or gingerbread? I have
been successful to make the tunnel between 2.2 device and a ubuntu machine but
when I ported everything on gingerbread (using Nexus S), I could not get charon
running on it.
@Tobias: please help.


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