[strongSwan] StrongSwan and Fritzbox VPN

Rene Bartsch ml at bartschnet.de
Thu May 26 18:11:41 CEST 2011

I've switched back to OpenVPN three month ago, so I don't have StrongSwan
configs, anymore.
But that means running an extra machine 24/7 at each fritzbox.

So I was hoping for working example configs, which I can adjust to my
setup step by step.

Best regards,


On Mon, 23 May 2011 21:31:01 GMT, "philipp.rusch"
<philipp.rusch at newvision-it.de> wrote:
> Please post your config. I have this working with fritzbox 3170 at 70
> with strongswan and suse11.3
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> From : Rene Bartsch
> To : users at lists.strongswan.org; 
> Subject : [strongSwan] StrongSwan and Fritzbox VPN
> Hi,
> for one and a half year I'm trying to set up a stable VPN tunnel between
> Ubuntu 10.04 server (public IP) and and a Fritzbox 7170/7390 (dynamic
> IP/DynDNS).
> No ideas on the StrongSwan-ML helped. After some timeout or ISP-forced
> disconnect with IP change the tunnel is dead.
> Maybe the StrongSwan developers can have a little chit-chat with the
> AVM-developers to provide working examples config files for StrongSwan
> Fritzbox.
> Best regards,
> Renne
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