[strongSwan] UML and storngswan

Patricia de Noriega pdenoriega at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 19:32:10 CET 2011

Hello there,

I've installed strongswan 4.3.5 and following the howto: "Installing the
strongSwan UML testing environment<http://www.strongswan.org/uml/install.htm>"
with no success.

First, in the build-umlkernel script at the last lines, I encountered this:

cecho-n " * Copying uml kernel to
> '${BUILDDIR}/linux-uml-${KERNELVERSION}'.."
> mv *linux* ${BUILDDIR}/linux-uml-${KERNELVERSION}
> cgecho "done"

I've obtained an error because *linux* didn't exists. I've changed *linux*for
*../linux* and it compiles (It is moving the symbolic into
linux-uml-${KERNELVERSION} folder, isn't it?).

Last, when the uml instances are created, I obtain an error calling the
xterm: "*xterm*: *Can't
execvp*~/strongswan-testing/umlbuild/linux-uml-2.6.32 Permission
*denied".* (if I use gnome-terminal I obtain the same error).

eval xterm -title ${host} -geometry "+${x0}+${y0}" -rightbar -sb -sl 500 -e
>         umid=${host} \
>         ubda=$UMLHOSTFS \
>         \$SWITCH_${host} \
>         mem=${MEM}M con=pty con0=fd:0,fd:1" &

If I try to call the xterm just with:

xterm -e  ~/strongswan-testing/umlbuild/linux-uml-2.6.32

It fails because it is being called using a directory. If I add more
parameters such as -title, I obtain "Permission denied" again.

I'm using an Ubuntu10.10 virtual machine and strongswan 4.3.5.

Can anybody help me out with this? I really need help :(

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