[strongSwan] NAT Traversal - Issues in understanding

Holger Metschulat holger.metschulat at arcor.de
Thu Jul 21 14:38:23 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I have a problem understanding how NAT Traversal is implemented in

I thought that an IPSEC endpoint which is enabled for NAT Traversal will
listen on Port 500 and Port 4500. Any IKE negotiation starts on port 500
first, when a NAT device is detected, the negotiation continues on port

Playing around with StrongSwan, nat_traversal=no has StrongSwan
listening only on port 500 (and using port 500 for connections);
nat_traversal=yes moves the listening port and destination port to 4500.
This is contrary to what my belief was how NAT Traversal works.

Can you comment please?


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