[strongSwan] IPSEC tunnel over IP-IN-IP tunnel issue (two tunnel issue) ---- NETKEY related

David Deng david.live.koo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 04:16:32 CET 2011

Hi Martin and Andreas, Hi All,

I have a stupid question but I realy want to know:

If IPSEC tunnel over IP-in-IP tunnel is possible?  (NOTE: it is IPSEC tunnel
over IP-in-IP tunnel rather than IP-in-IP tunnel over Ipsec tunnel)

If it is possible, which kernel patch I will applied to Linux V2.6.28.

I remember I have sumbitted the same question about one or two month ago but
getting no answer.  So I put this issues again and hope you can do me a

I initiated some test for this case, but no lucky, it is always failed.

It is an urgent question, look forward to your answer, thanks in advance!

Bese wishes,
David Morris
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