[strongSwan] strongswan <=> openswan

Gary Smith gary.smith at holdstead.com
Fri Feb 25 18:16:36 CET 2011

After finally getting my 3 segment network setup, I discovered that one of my road warrior clients was actually a static client that was never really configured properly. This box is running centos 5.x with openswan (Linux Openswan U2.6.24/K2.6.24-23-xen (netkey)). I need to be able to get this node talking to the one of the segments in the 3 segment network. 

What are my options here? I'd install strongSwan in place of openswan, but I can't seem to find any RPM packages for it. 

I've tried implementing X509, but the documentation for openswan and it's samples are severely lacking.  The endpoints (3 segments that work) are strongSwan 4.5.


Gary Smith

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