[strongSwan] ANNOUNCE: strongSwan packages for Maemo (Nokia N900)

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Sat Feb 12 13:37:19 CET 2011


despite the recent news about Nokia's plans to partner with Microsoft,
we are happy to announce that packages for strongSwan 4.5.1 are now
available in the maemo.org Extras repository, which provides software
for Maemo based devices such as the Nokia N900.

Package: strongswan-applet [1]

  This package provides a settings applet and a status bar widget which
  allow to easily configure and control IKEv2 connections with EAP
  authentication (username/password).

Package: strongswan [2]

  This package contains the key exchange daemons, starter and the ipsec
  script for use on the mobile device.  To configure strongSwan via
  /etc/ipsec.conf the 'rootsh' package is required to gain root access.

You'll find more information about both packages on our wiki [3].

Because strongSwan depends on the native IPsec implementation of the
Linux kernel, the enhanced 'Kernel Power' [4] kernel is required, which
provides the required modules disabled in the default kernel.

Both packages are currently available in the Extras-testing [5]
repository.  So, in order for them to become available in the main
Extras repository, we'd like to invite fellow Nokia N900 owners to test
the two packages and vote for them accordingly on the respective
maemo.org pages ([1], [2]).  Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Tobias Brunner, Martin Willi & Andreas Steffen

The strongSwan Team


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