[strongSwan] Telnet over a tunnel using Local IP (rather than Public IP)

Anupam Malhotra anupam.malhotra at u2opiamobile.com
Fri Dec 23 09:40:11 CET 2011

Hi Thomas

I did try "left=xp.xp.xp.xp". In that case, even the tunnel is not
established. Is there anything else which I can try here?

Best Regards
Anupam Malhotra

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Hi Anupam,
> Now, when we do a telnet or ping to the remote server from the local 
> server, it times out without any response. The reason is that the 
> remote server's firewall sees the request coming from the cloud 
> server's local IP (xl.xl.xl.xl) and the firewall does not allow requests
from this IP.
> The firewall allows only the public IP (xp.xp.xp.xp). Since the tunnel 
> is successfully established, shouldn't the telnet or ping take the 
> public IP (rather than the local IP)?
did you try
for the particular connection?


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