[strongSwan] Regarding load testing against remote

Narendra K A naren.ka at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 11:55:05 CEST 2011

Hello everyone,

    I need some help regarding load testing against remote host. I have my
strongswan.conf file as said in the below link

    Right now i am using EAP Authentication, i.e in the strongswan.conf file
i have set *""initiator_auth = eap""*. But the only problem is For EAP
Authentication, the client uses a NAI in the form *
100000000010001 at strongswan.org*. Now my remote server expects this to be in
the different form say like *"abcd-0000000000000001 at abc.def.ghi.in", *How
can i make this change i.e. how can i tell strongswan to use NAI in my
format ? I tried changing in the source code at *
strongswan-4.4.0/src/libcharon/plugins/load_tester/load_tester_config.c*  in
the function *generate_auth_cfg(), *But its only taking the NAI's of the
form ""abcd-0000000000000001 at xyz.org "" i.e. if there are more than one
period "." after "@" its failing !!!,
So, how can i change it ? Is there any configuration attribute value pairs ?
in the strongswan.conf or ipsec.conf ??

Thanks and Regards,
Naren. :)
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