Peter Albrecht albrecht at opensourceservices.de
Thu Apr 28 14:18:52 CEST 2011


The problem from yesterday is mostly solved ...

When I connect to the other gateway, I see the following messages:

pluto[6843]: "whatever" #2: we require peer to have ID 'a.b.c.d', but peer 
declares ''
pluto[6843]: "whatever" #2: sending encrypted notification 
pluto[6843]: | **emit ISAKMP Message:
pluto[6843]: |    initiator cookie:
pluto[6843]: |   b5 23 36 76  f4 c5 3b b6
pluto[6843]: |    responder cookie:
pluto[6843]: |   f8 2e bb c7  41 dc fb 84
pluto[6843]: |    next payload type: ISAKMP_NEXT_HASH
pluto[6843]: |    ISAKMP version: ISAKMP Version 1.0
pluto[6843]: |    exchange type: ISAKMP_XCHG_INFO
pluto[6843]: |    flags: ISAKMP_FLAG_ENCRYPTION
pluto[6843]: |    message ID:  4d 81 f3 28
pluto[6843]: | ***emit ISAKMP Hash Payload:
pluto[6843]: |    next payload type: ISAKMP_NEXT_N
pluto[6843]: | emitting 20 zero bytes of HASH into ISAKMP Hash Payload
pluto[6843]: | emitting length of ISAKMP Hash Payload: 24
pluto[6843]: | ***emit ISAKMP Notification Payload:
pluto[6843]: |    next payload type: ISAKMP_NEXT_NONE
pluto[6843]: |    DOI: ISAKMP_DOI_IPSEC
pluto[6843]: |    protocol ID: 1
pluto[6843]: |    SPI size: 0
pluto[6843]: |    Notify Message Type: INVALID_ID_INFORMATION

On the remote side, traffic is directed to the host having a private IP 
address ( How can I instruct StrongSwan to accept this ID?

Thanks a lot,


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