[strongSwan] Rekey between openswan and strongswan

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Wed Oct 27 10:25:40 CEST 2010

> the log is in the attachment.

Looks like openswan does not like the CREATE_CHILD_SA rekey message:

>     exchange type: ISAKMP_v2_CHILD_SA
>     message ID:  00 00 00 02
> packet from 2001:db8:1:2:20c:29ff:fe45:b04e:500: sending notification v2N_INVALID_MESSAGE_ID to 2001:db8:1:2:20c:29ff:fe45:b04e:500
> don't send packet when notification data empty

The message ID looks correct to me, ID 2 follows to the initial
IKE_SA_INIT and IKE_AUTH exchanges.

Please discuss this issue with the openswan developers, we can't help
you here. While both projects have the same origin, the IKEv2
implementation is completely different.


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