[strongSwan] srx3400 with strongswan problem?

123 321 jerry.yxy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 04:09:29 CET 2010

dear everyone

            i have a problem with the srx setup a certificatevpn to
strongswan use ikev1
            i use the email as the vpn id. so i wanna know.whether it works
?i do it many times .it seems can't setup.
            i use the openssl generate the key and a cert request.and i use
the microsoft ca issue the cert to strongswan and add the subject
altername:xx at xx.com <altername%3Axx at xx.com>
            juniper srx generate the key  cert request  and use microsoft ca
issue the ca cert and local cert
            but also i can't setup the vpn
            in attach
pls tell me shold modify somewhere thank u very much!!!!!!!!!
      by the way ,i'm not be good at type english
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