[strongSwan] net-to-net with one gateway behind NAT

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Thu Nov 11 10:04:00 CET 2010

Hi Alexis,

> getting a local address in traffic selector
> using host %any
> getting address to reach
> getting interface name for
> is on interface eth0
> getting iface index for eth0
> received netlink error: No such process (3)
> unable to install source route for %any

Yes, I have seen this error once. But I was unable to reproduce or fix
it. The daemon tries to install a source route for this policy, like:

  ip route add via GATEWAY src dev eth0

But the kernel does not like that route. Maybe the gateway lookup does
not work correctly on your setup, hard to say.

Please apply the attached patch. It shows the complete route the daemon
tries to install. Does that route makes sense for your setup?

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