[strongSwan] Site2site VPN Config Examples

Holger Rauch Holger.Rauch at empic.de
Thu Nov 4 15:13:51 CET 2010

Hi Martin,

thanks a lot for your reply.

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> [...]
>So the "outer" firewall acts as remote-access gateway for road warriors,
>AND makes a net2net connection to your internal network?

The jails should do that for the (encrypted) VPN connection, yes. I'm aware that this is a security risk. Would you recommend using 1 or 2 separate physical machines or a completely different setup for the network toplogy I mentioned in my last mail?

+----+               +-------+               +-------+
| RW | <-- IPsec --> | outer | <-- IPsec --> | inner | <-- plain -->
+----+               +-------+               +-------+

Should work, as long as as you terminate road warrior tunnels at outer,
and not inner. Tunneling a tunnel on a single box is difficult.

Yes, I would terminate road warrior tunnels at outer.

> Since both firewalls are running FreeBSD 8.1 and FreeBSD supports
> jails, I'm thinking of creating a jail on each of the firewalls and
> running the current version of strongSWAN (4.5.0)

I don't have any experience with jails, I don't know how well it works
with IPsec.

> I haven't yet found an example for configuring a site2site network
> with strongSWAN.

You can find a long list of examples in our test-scenario section [1].

>> User authentication is supposed to be performed by a FreeRADIUS
>> server

>We support RADIUS servers via any EAP authentication method. For Linux
>road warriors, EAP-MD5 is fine [2], for Windows 7 (and Linux) you'll
>have to switch to EAP-MSCHAPv2. FreeRADIUS needs a patch to work
>properly with MSCHAPv2.

Is EAP-MSCHAPv2 really the only EAP variant that works with Linux, Windows (both XP and 7), and possible also Mac OS X or are there other possibilities? Which would be the most secure and would work with all mentioned OSes?

> Do you authenticate the net2net tunnel via RADIUS, too?

Not sure on this one yet. Would you recommend it?

>We don't have an
>example, just combine the bits of [2] with [3].

OK. Will try that.


Thanks a lot & kind regards,


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