[strongSwan] IPV6 'connection' bug? (in 4.3.3 with linux 2.6.21)

Johannes Hubertz johannes at hubertz.de
Wed Mar 24 21:55:25 CET 2010

I'm not the very specialist on 2.6.21, but when I see the following, it  
makes me some trouble:

On Wednesday 24 March 2010 16:35:40 Yong Choo wrote:
> conn enb12v6
> 	left=fd00:0000:0000:410:172:21:10:12
> 	leftsubnet=fd00::12/64
> 	right=fd00:0000:0000:410:172:21:10:181
> 	rightsubnet=fd00::181/64
> 	auto=add

Please f.e, if you use expanded IPv6-Adresses, then you can see 
You have the same /64 on both ends. Hmm. You probably will have other 
trouble after the kernel accepts th IKE SAs.
From my experience using IPv4, leftsubnet and rightsubnet better are 
disjunct. Did you mean /128 ? (for left- and rightsubnet)

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