[strongSwan] high availability with two redundant ipsec peers

Koch, Andre ak at camdata.de
Tue Mar 9 22:44:50 CET 2010

i need a failover ipsec scenario. i have two wan connections (100mbit/s and 34mbit/s) in company a.
company b, c...g have although two wan connections. 
now, if the main wan connection is broken, traffic must failover to the backup ipsec tunnel.
the problem here is, as i know, i cannot configure two peers with the same leftsubnet...
the other problem is, that i cannot use two ipsec gateways for each peer and ospf.
the scenario works on ipsec router from funkwerk (bintec), but the load factor increments with higher bandwidth and we have disconnects.
any ideas, how to use two wan connections with strongswan and failover on the same machine?
Kind regards,
André Koch
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