[strongSwan] does Strongswan 4.3.6 support PAT - Transport Mode?

Cristina Vintila cristina.vintila at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 18:56:38 CEST 2010


Quick question, please: does Strongswan know how to deal with multiple
connections when I do a PAT type of NAT-T for IKEv1? - Transport mode

I have enabled nat_traversal, and I have 2 connections, one coming from, and the other coming from Only one of
the connections gets past the Quick Mode.
For the second one I get:

Jun 22 19:12:54 IXRO-SMLOAD-DB1 pluto[2380]: | route owner of "net2"[8] unrouted: "net1"[3] erouted; eroute
owner: "net1"[3] erouted
Jun 22 19:12:54 IXRO-SMLOAD-DB1 pluto[2380]: "net2"[8] #16:
cannot install eroute -- it is in use for "net1"[3]
503 #15

This is transport mode. And individually both of the connections get
established, only together they get mixed up.

I must be doing something wrong. Could you please help me?

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