[strongSwan] Problem with ipsec pki on virtuall machine

rmx1 at Safe-mail.net rmx1 at Safe-mail.net
Thu Feb 25 15:04:50 CET 2010

i have a ubuntu 9.10 vm on a VMware ESXi Server and installed strongswan 4.3 succesfully. 
Now i have a issue with using the ipsec pki tool. Whenever I run "ipsec pki --gen" it just
hangs like here:
I figured out that "cat /dev/random" gives no output and i installed open-vm-tools.
Now i get a error like this

root at s10-vpn:~# ipsec pki --gen --size 2048 > caKey.der
no RNG of quality RNG_TRUE found
building CRED_PRIVATE_KEY - RSA failed, tried 5 builders
private key generation failed

Is there any workaround? Openssl -gen works great, is there any possibilty to
use the openssl RNG ?



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