[strongSwan] strongswan limits

Omar Armas omar.armas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 11:07:37 CET 2010

> As conclusion:
> You need a newer Xeon with aes-ni instruction set, a very recent kernel
> including the Intel module patches for these instructions, and maybe a RFS
> capable NIC. Read also:
> http://lwn.net/Articles/382428/
Do you know how does the new dual core intel Atom performs with strongswan?
I guess without the patch only a single core would be used for encryption,
but would you recommend this processor for a 20 tunnels setup using voice
and data?

One of these tunnels would be passing terminal server traffic (20 or 30
permanent users)  and about 8 simultaneous voip calls using IAX2 trunking.

I was thinking a box with atom dual core + ssd hd would be a small, reliable
and low power consumption solution. Of course, only if this processor can
cope with the situation.


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