[strongSwan] IP family mismatch

Claude Tompers claude.tompers at restena.lu
Thu Apr 15 10:03:54 CEST 2010


I have a Windows 7 client which has both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled in its configuration.
The server's ipsec.conf defines two profiles, one for IPv4 and one for IPv6.
If I disable the IPv6 profile, the IPv4 profile is chosen, but, because the Windows 7 client already had an IPv6 address once, it is requesting that one again.
The log shows the following error :

Apr 12 16:03:42 vpn6-test charon: 16[IKE] peer requested virtual IP fec0:a18:2341:3440::1
Apr 12 16:03:42 vpn6-test charon: 16[CFG] IP pool address family mismatch
Apr 12 16:03:42 vpn6-test charon: 16[LIB] acquiring address from pool 'ipv4.test' failed
Apr 12 16:03:42 vpn6-test charon: 16[IKE] no virtual IP found, sending INTERNAL_ADDRESS_FAILURE

Is there any workaround for this issue ?
Or is there any way to tell Windows not to make any proposals ?

As long as Windows 7 does not ask for an explicit IPv6 address, i.e. %any6 as it asked for before its first IPv6 address was assigned, the connection was created successfully.

best regards
Claude Tompers

Claude Tompers
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