[strongSwan-dev] Feature request: to set whether or not to install_route for each connection setting

Masakazu Asama masakazu.asama at gmail.com
Mon May 13 08:27:13 CEST 2019

Hello all,

According to the following document, it is noted that in the case of Route-
based VPN, set "charon.install_routes = 0".


> First, the route installation by the IKE daemon must be disabled. To do
> this, set charon.install_routes=0 in strongswan.conf.

What if I want to mix Route-based VPN and Policy-based VPN?

It is useful to be able to do the same setting as install_routes for each
connection setting. Like below.


Is it possible to have these options added?

It would be helpful if you could tell me if you knew other good ways.
There is also a way for deleting the default route from "routing table 220"
at Route-based VPN in the updown script, but there are rare cases where the
updown script is executed prior to the install route, which is not
successful. (When there are many connection cases?)

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