[strongSwan-dev] PKCS#11 provider and WaitForSlotEvent

Klaus Richter klaus.richter at ecos.de
Sat Sep 9 17:21:41 CEST 2017


we are using the Atos middleware for CardOS 5.x cards on Linux (pcsc-lite 1.8.22), and the p11 library gets stuck at cleanup. They set a mutex for WaitForSlotEvent which allegedly is not cleaned up when the thread is canceled.

Is there any way to "properly" cancel the call before the thread is removed? Is this just a bug on their side (I'm not sure what the specification says about this)? Have you had similar behavior with other middleware?

If they are unable to fix it, the only workaround I see is to not handle slot events, at all. Which isn't a good idea.

Kind regards,

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