[strongSwan-dev] Add custom plugin

Anand Murali anand1298 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 14 11:19:54 CET 2017


I am writing my own plugin for strongswan, just to check how plugins work.

Having libcharon/plugins/attr as reference, i wrote a my_temp plugin.

I added a DBG statement in plugin_loader.c to check whether the constructor of my plugin is called or not.

I ran ./configure --enable-my-temp

In logs, i'm getting

{create_plugin:plugin_loader.c:325} Constructor my_temp_plugin_create not found

There is a method my_temp_plugin_create() in my_temp_plugin.c that is similar to attr.

I am guessing i need to compile the code with my_temp_plugin.c. I thought configure does it automatically.

Apart from creating the .c and .h files for my plugin, what else should i do to successfully include my plugin in charon?

I am new to make and configure.

Thanks and regards,

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