[strongSwan-dev] Building strongSwan for Windows on Linux

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Wed Aug 23 09:47:38 CEST 2017

Hi Kevin,

> In file included from /usr/share/mingw-w64/include/windows.h:95:0,
>                  from /usr/share/mingw-w64/include/winsock2.h:23,
>                  from
> ../../../../src/libstrongswan/utils/compat/windows.h:24,
>                  from ../../../../src/libstrongswan/utils/utils.h:38,
>                  from ../../../../src/libstrongswan/library.h:101,
>                  from
> ../../../../src/libstrongswan/credentials/builder.h:41,
>                  from openssl_rsa_private_key.h:26,
>                  from openssl_rsa_private_key.c:25:
> /home/kevin/openssl-master/build/include/openssl/x509.h:84:34: error:
> expected ')' before numeric constant
>                                   ^

That output looks a bit odd (as if windows.h included x509.h, check if
that's actually the case).  But windows.h does include wincrypt.h, if
NOCRYPT is not defined, which has a conflicting definition for
X509_EXTENSIONS (see [1]).  You could try to add -DNOCRYPT to your CFLAGS.

Interesting that this issue doesn't occur in our AppVeyor build [2].
However, we do link against libeay32 there and not libcrypto, so there
might be some compatibility fixes applied - not sure why this is
different in your build (what's the result of the "checking for Windows
target" configure check? check config.log for details).


[2] https://ci.appveyor.com/project/tobiasbrunner/strongswan-52lo9

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