[strongSwan-dev] strongSWAN IPsec plugin

Dmitry Shubin shubin at rnd.stcnet.ru
Thu Oct 29 11:50:13 CET 2015

Hi, Carlos.

The component responsible for communication with ipsec stack is called 
libhydra. You can customize it by providing alternative implementations 
of "kernel-ipsec" and "kernel-net" features. The former is for SA/policy 
management [1], the latter deals with ip addresses/routing [2].


On 2015-10-29 01:23, Carlos Chacon wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your time in advance. I am looking at adding a plugin to
> strongSWAN so it can communicate with another API we have, instead of
> communicating with the Linux Netkey IPsec Stack, when setting the
> Security associations/policies after the IKE exchange.  
> Which source files would you recommend to me to look at so I can add
> this functionality?
> Regards,
> Carlos
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