[strongSwan-dev] Handling of CRL updates different between Vici and ipsec rereadcrls

Cole, Michael michael.cole at cgi.com
Mon Nov 9 11:54:22 CET 2015

Our system distributes CRL out of band so we pass them onto strongswan using the vici load-cert() command.

This works fine usually as strongswan appears to use the last loaded CRL as the one to check when a new IKE connection is requested.
We run an HA pair and on recovery of a failed node, more than one CRL may be loaded via Vici to the recovered node and not always in the right order. This can result in strongswan using a CRL that is earlier that the latest CRL if the latest CRL was not the last loaded via Vici.
So revoked certificates may be unintentionally allowed again.

I note that if we put the CRLs into /etc/ipsec.d/crls and use ipsec rereadcrls followed by ipsec purgecrls then strongswan checks the crl numbers and/or dates and uses the latest.

Is there another way of achieving this using Vici, or even is it possible to have this functionality also available for CRLs loaded via vici ?

I appreciate that if were to check CRLs and order them before passing them to strongswan then this would resolve our problem but we want to avoid distributing the components involved with security around the system, the more strongswan can do itself the better for us

Mike Cole

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