[strongSwan-dev] exception in malloc, mainly during list operations

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Mar 27 09:38:53 CET 2015


> crashes are mainly during memory allocation (there is lot of memory
> available).

> #3  *__GI___libc_malloc (bytes=24) at malloc.c:3682
> #4  0x00007ff450972bae in element_create (value=0x7ff42c33d0f0) at
> collections/linked_list.c:56
> #5  0x00007ff450972bdc in insert_last (this=0x19f9280, item=0x40d0) at
> collections/linked_list.c:260

Hm, not sure what actually we could do wrong in this call. It is a plain
malloc() with 24 bytes. Either we have inconsistent state by some
invalid malloc/free use, or it could even be an internal malloc issue.

What C library and version are you using on which system?


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